November 15, 2013 Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Borys Zhebrovsky met with the head of the Department of the History Education Council of Europe Tatiana Milko - Minkin. During the meeting the results of the International scientific- practical seminar" Multicultural education in the 21st century: creating partnerships with schools in the teaching and learning of history," held November 13-14 in Kiev.

Tatiana Milko - Minkin gave high praise of the workshop and noted that the Council of Europe experts particularly impressed by a visit to the gymnasium № 178 Kyiv city, which the students are fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Dean Smart ( UK) Lip Oates (Netherlands ) Yozannya Vella ( Malta ), other participants talked with teachers, parents, students and high-school students who understand the need to create partnerships in education.

Date: November 13-14
Place: Gymnasium 178, Kyiv
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Freedom of speech is the foundation of a healthy democracy. For a democracy to thrive, citizens must be able and willing to express and exchange ideas among themselves and with their representatives in government—and to assess options and potential consequences. Deliberation ensures that conflicting views can be heard, understood, and valued. Deliberating civic issues is not natural behavior; it requires instruction and practice.

Deliberating in a Democracy was designed to promote the teaching and learning of democratic principles and the skills of civic deliberation among a new generation in the United States, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Azerbaijan. This major initiative was conducted by the Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago (CRFC), the Constitutional Rights Foundation in Los Angeles (CRF) and Street Law, Inc. with grants from the U.S. Department of Education

Date: 2013
Place: the USA

To establish direct contacts among children and youth from OSCE participating states and partners for co-operation in search for the common vision and possible ways of strengthening interaction when trying to solve global problems.
To build children-and-youth platform to share opinions and promote multinational communication aimed at developing tolerance, national self-awareness, as well as leadership capacity.

Date: 5 December 2013 - 6 December 2013
Organized by: Ukrainian OSCE Chairmanship

The International Сhildren Festival “Let’s Change the World to the Better!” has been meeting children from all continents since 2001.

For this time the festival has met more than 4 000 children – representatives of 60 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

The goal of the festival is to create polycultural environment and promote the formation of principles of tolerance, equality and pluralism of ideas among children of different nations and nationalities.

Orginized by: “Let’s Change the World to the Better!” by All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of Hope and Good and the International Children Centre “Artek”.